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Nearing the end of your current mortgage offer?

Find out what options are available and see how much we might save you on your mortgage payments. Many more UK homeowners are remortgaging to save money on their regular monthly repayments, so why not invest 5 minutes to see just how much you could save?

A remortgage is simply switching over lender or discovering a better provider of your existing loan which can significantly cut your monthly outgoings. Securing a new mortgage against your home can allow you to use the money to pay off the previous current mortgage (essentially moving it) to your new loan provider. Remortgaging is a good option for property owners and is an excellent way of ensuring you are maximizing the best remortgage available.

Just like all mortgages, there are a multitude on the market, each with its own ‘pro’s and con’s’. The task of a credible mortgage broker is to compile all these home loans for you, quickly and specifically to find you the precise remortgage which is best for your individual scenario.

So why remortgage? …

Remortgaging can lower your current mortgage by making use of lower mortgage rates and much better mortgage offers. It can also allow you to decrease your regular monthly payments and simply have one controllable payment. Remortgaging effectively maximizes finance which can be utilised to settle debts, remodel, or allow you to consider a buy to let home by providing the finance required. If your home has risen in value, remortgaging enables you to utilise the additional equity in your house.

Regardless of the favorable contributions of remortgaging, it isn’t for everyone. This all depends on your personal circumstances, timing and a concern of money. We will assist you to decide whether changing deals will exceed the expense. Remortgaging means you have to discover a brand-new ideal mortgage. We are ‘whole of market’ brokers which means we can track the very best deals, tailored to your requirements. As an example, you will have the ability to find a variety of outstanding 70% LTV remortgage deals.

With numerous loan providers’ Standard Variable Rates (SVRs) now at historical lows, many more borrowers have actually chosen to remain where they are instead of remortgage to an alternative lender with a more pricey rate. However, some loan providers have actually already enhanced their SVRs, so they may not be as competitive as you think they are. Likewise, as the best fixed rates have fallen just recently and with the economic outlook as unpredictable as ever, it could be the right time to consider securing your mortgage against future increases in interest rates.

Remortgaging can be rather a frustrating choice so by employing our professional services we can use our know-how to discover the right mortgage for you.

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