Securing a 90% Loan to Value Mortgage

Are you a first time buyer looking for the best 90% Mortgage?

Within minutes we can find you the best 90% mortgage available from the “whole of market” (all loan providers), from a variety of personal lenders.

We will search for the most affordable 90% loan to value mortgage which best fits your individual requirements. We make securing a 90% mortgage fast and hassle free, so buying your first house is as amazing and delightful as it should be – safe in the knowledge that your mortgage considerations are being handled by specialists, on your behalf.

90% Loan to Value Mortgages for first time buyers

There’s no question that the top 90% Loan to Value (LTV) mortgage deals for first time buyers are starting to look much better at last as many more lenders start to provide 90 % mortgages again, developing healthier competition and much better offers. High LTV Mortgages, such as the 90% mortgages enable first time buyers with a reduced deposit to put down an initial 10% of the home value as the deposit. There are quite a number of 90% mortgage offers now being offered, each with various mortgage lending criteria, rates of interest, loan charges and conditions. It can be quite a task to search through the lenders offers yourself, and as comparison websites sites do not always have access to the loan providers best offers, it is an excellent idea to talk with an independent “whole of market” mortgage broker to make sure you are getting the very best mortgage available.

Lending criteria for 90% Loan to Value Mortgages

90% mortgages do normally included stricter lending criteria which can differ between mortgage providers – but fortunately as the mortgage market is beginning to go up (2014) this lending criteria is slowly relaxing. However a good credit score is generally crucial with all lenders. Word of caution – not all 90% mortgages can be considered a “bargain” – it can be rather typical for 90% Loan to Value mortgages to have higher than average financing charges, higher rates of interest, and/or a costly extended tie-in. So if you are thinking about taking out a 90 percent mortgage you must talk with a trusted mortgage broker such as us who will be able to ensure you are getting the best mortgage deal offered. Various other monetary considerations when buying your first house:

First time buyers with limited cash available for a deposit required should also consider other expenses associated with buying your first house:-

  • Mortgage Plan Cost (in most cases this can be added to the mortgage)
  • Mortgage Appraisal Fee (can often be added to the mortgage)
  • Independent Homebuyer or Buildings Survey
  • Legal Charges (some loan providers will contribute to the expense of your legal charges

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