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When you secure a mortgage, you may think that you will always be in a position to meet the repayments that you accepted at the time of purchasing your home. Mortgages are a huge financial investment and one that, done correctly, will provide you with the security of your own house. 

Nobody likes to think about planning for what might happen should the situation change and perhaps you might avoid taking out mortgage protection in the belief that it is saving you money. Nevertheless failure to insure yourself for the unexpected can have a big influence on your family home.

There are lots of types of mortgage insurances so if you are unsure which kind of mortgage insurance best fits your requirements, please request a free appointment. It can take less than 10 minutes to run through your details over the telephone and provide you with a list of the best mortgage insurance choices for you.

Mortgage Insurance – Finding the right policy for YOU.

Mortgage insurance is there to make sure that if your circumstances change whilst you are paying off your mortgage you can still fulfill the repayments on your financial responsibilities. This means that, whatever else might be stressing you, you can rest assured that your home is safe. In this progressively hard financial environment it is a good idea to have some sort of insurance to cover you for the unexpected. A mortgage is a huge commitment, like we have car and home insurance cover, mortgage insurance is equally as necessary. Within the mortgage protection market there are plenty of different kinds of policy’s for you to select from, allowing you to pick the best for your individual situation. we can help you to decide which mortgage insurance policy is right for you and find you the best policy to cover your needs, at the best cost.

There are two primary types of insurance to choose from;.

Mortgage Payment Protection and Mortgage Life Insurance cover.

The first covers you in case you have a mishap, ended up being ill or jobless and are incapable to work,  and makes certain that your monthly mortgage payments are fulfilled. Unlike Government schemes, which have different eligibility clauses and which cover just the interest on your mortgage, Mortgage payment insurance covers the repayments. This kind of insurance cover is designed to keep paying your mortgage until you are in a position to return to making the repayments yourself and in this sense is a temporary solution.

Mortgage life insurance cover varies from Mortgage Payment Insurance and is designed to pay your mortgage off in the event of you ending up being deceased before finishing your repayments and is a popular selection among homeowners. If you are unsure which type would best match your scenario please contact us to request a free consultation.

Various other options that are worth thinking about if you have a mortgage consist of ‘critical illness cover’ which is a tax-free lump sum, payable upon the medical diagnosis of a major condition, details of which are included in your policy details. The benefit of this kind of mortgage insurance is that, if you find yourself seriously ill, you can focus on recovering without fretting about your finances. Also readily available is ‘income protection cover’ which pays you a month-to-month income should you find yourself temporarily disabled through illness, injury or unemployment. If you find yourself out of work as a result of redundancy then ‘Mortgage Protection Redundancy’ will pay you a month-to-month payment. Finally you might also guard against the unforeseen through ‘Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover,’ which covers only your mortgage by paying monthly.

Whatever the type of policy that you pick ‘Mortgage Insurance’ is the best option to protect your home in any eventuality. Please call 0800 808 5824 for free professional advice.

Mortgage Insurance – Which kind is right for you?

In the event of losing your earnings, the most pressing issue for most households is making sure that the regular monthly mortgage payments are covered. Mortgage Insurance is a sort of insurance which is made to pay the mortgage payments whilst you are not able to. With hundreds of various insurance cover to select from, finding the right one can be puzzling. We can find the best mortgage insurance cover for you, no matter what your scenarios. Although some companies will offer mortgage insurance along with their mortgage agreement, it is generally better value to look around for specific mortgage payment insurance policies and secure separate cover.

Mortgage payment protection insurance

Find the best mortgage payment protection insurance with us. With many standard repayment mortgages you will not get automatic insurance cover or payment protection plans.

Although some companies will offer it together with their contract, it is normally much better value to look around for individual life insurance and critical illness policies and get separate cover.

Mortgage life insurance cover

Mortgage life insurance cover is an insurance policy which pays out a lump sum if you die before the end of the policy’s term. This means that your dependents can settle the outstanding mortgage balance in the event of your death. The cover can be level throughout the life of the policy, or it can decrease gradually in line with the reducing balance of the mortgage. You can also secure life cover which would pay out a regular income from the time of the claim till completion of the term, which can be useful for households.

Most lenders advise life insurance cover, and we can assist you with finding the best offer. It is less of a priority for people with no dependents, but it ought to be a factor to consider for the majority of individuals wanting to get a mortgage. It is typically best to find a policy with fixed premiums, meaning that your monthly payments won’t alter.

We can also help you organize a joint policy for couples or good friends that co-own a property. Your policy will also be based upon age, financial circumstances and general health.

Critical illness insurance cover

Critical illness refers to a major ailment, such as a kind of cancer or a cardiac arrest. These kinds of health problems influence one in 4 women and one in five men before old age. Critical Illness insurance cover is designed to relieve the financial pressures by paying a tax-free lump sum if you become seriously ill or disabled. You need to usually survive a minimum of one month after becoming critically ill prior to the policy paying out.

Critical illness insurance pays benefits on the medical diagnosis of certain specified critical illnesses. The range of diseases covered has actually increased to more than 30, though the meanings of illnesses covered could differ from one company to another.

All policies should cover 7 core conditions which are cancer, coronary artery bypass, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and stroke. They will also pay out if a policyholder ends up being permanently disabled as a result of injury or disease.

Income & redundancy insurance cover

Basically, earnings insurance offers borrowers the security of knowing that their essential repayments will be made if their life takes an unexpected turn for the worse. As an example, if you’re in an accident and are briefly made immobile, a lack of earnings insurance cover can mean that you’re forced to rely on state disability benefits, around ₤70 every week, which will not be enough to keep up your mortgage payments. Earnings insurance plans, however, will provide you with a tax-free regular monthly payment up until you have the ability to work again. Other earnings insurance plans even allow for cover to retirement age.

Income protection and redundancy insurance cover (ASU cover)

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover can give you peace of mind of knowing that in the event of redundancy or health problems your mortgage payments will be made and your home will be safe. Find the best value accident, illness and unemployment cover with us – impartial guidance you can count on. Our service can save you time, inconvenience and money when looking for accident, illness and unemployment cover.

No one can predict what will happen in the future. That is why taking out suitable mortgage payment protection plan or mortgage life cover insurance can provide you the security of knowing that if the unexpected happens, you are prepared for it. Many basic mortgages do not have any protection insurance cover included, so it is necessary to choose what type of separate cover you will need. Accident, sickness and unemployment cover insures you against changes in your situation due to redundancy, disability, or disease. Generally these payments are made after 30 successive days of non-working, up to a maximum of 12 months. You may wish to look at our income protection area for more details on longer term cover.

Various other types of insurance cover we can provide:-

Home Insurance cover (*).
Protect your house from damage, accident and theft with buildings and contents insurance cover. We can help you find the best offer from hundreds of policies available in the UK. Our whole of market options means that we can find you the most cost effective policies.

Buildings and Contents Insurance (*).
Unfortunately, we all live in a world where accidents and thefts do take place. From floods and fires, to robbery and vandalism, there are risks to your possessions and your house that can cost thousands unless you are covered with a suitable building and contents insurance cover. building and contents insurance can be taken out either as a combined cover, or individually. Various lenders offer different benefits however the majority of these will cover you for such things as fire, theft, flood and damage.

There are various other providers of Payment Protection Insurance cover [Short-Term Income Protection] and other products made to protect you against loss of income. This will generally cost ₤3 per month for each ₤ 100 of benefit.

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