Mortgages For The Self Employed

Getting a Mortgage if You’re Self-Employed

The monetary crisis has taken a heavy toll on company owners and people trying to find Self Employed Mortgages, nevertheless, while times may be tougher it is still possible to get a mortgage if you’re self-employed.

There has been a substantial tightening up of mortgages available for self employed people– with self-certification mortgages gone completely. However, that does not imply it is difficult to secure a home loan if you are self-employed– you just have to know where to look, and fortunately at Mortgage Advice UK we definitely do.

We take a look at a variety of smaller building societies and expert loan providers, who have the ability to applications applications on a case-by-case basis … as opposed to a ‘computer says no’ strategy which is more common with the high street loan providers! It is a misconception that smaller sized societies and private loan providers are more expensive, on the contrary, a few of the smaller sized lenders may be offering the finest value mortgages – it all depends on your situation and the mortgages available at the time.

Finding a mortgage if you are self-employed

Getting a mortgage has actually ended up being increasingly hard as the economy was plunged into a double-dip economic downturn, and banks are increasingly wary about lending to new clients. For numerous domestic and commercial customers this problem in getting a mortgage has actually suggested that property ownership has stayed a distant dream. Things are even harder if you happen to run your own business and are self employed: self-employed usually means that you have 25 per cent or even more of the company. The days of self-certification mortgages, and where lenders need proof of earnings, are long gone but this does not suggest that a mortgage is impossible if you are self-employed, and you ought to have access to the same variety of products that an employed individual has. A good deposit always helps, as does an excellent credit history, however even without these getting a mortgage is not difficult. If you are self-employed and looking for a mortgage then your best alternative is to go to a mortgage broker, who can access the entire marketplace to find you the best offer for your situation.

Utilising a mortgage broker if you are self-employed

In addition to saving money there are various other advantages of using a mortgage broker to arrange your mortgage, specifically if you are self-employed. The time saved by utilizing a broker, especially if you have a small company and can not afford to take time out, is indispensable. Our customers report that by using us to organize their mortgage they not only save time and money but also gain from our range of contacts with loan providers. As established and appreciated brokers we are able to approach the lender who is right for you and we also offer an initial no-obligation consultation, free of charge. For a self-employed individual our service is essential because we are able to approach the loan provider who is best matched to meet your needs and who is pleased to lend to a self-employed company owner without charging a premium for the privilege.

Getting a self-employed mortgage approved first time

Together with the time and trouble that this saves you there is an additional reason us placing your mortgage application with a mortgage provider who we know is likely to be able to assist you is a great idea: the more likely that your mortgage will be accepted with the initial lender that we approach, then the less likely you are to be continually credit-referenced, which can trigger lenders to approach you with care in the future. As the recession has actually demonstrated, credit is more and more difficult to obtain, and lenders who see continuous credit searches and failed applications on your credit file may be more wary about lending to you. As a company owner, this is the last thing you need.

We use our experience to see to it that we have all the right files for an effective first application. Some files that may be needed consist of accounts, statements from the Inland Revenue (SA302’s) and Accountant references. We can notify you of exactly what is required and verify these to save you any wasted time or effort.

Self employed mortgages with one years accounts

The criteria that loan providers utilise to measure your earnings can vary too and that’s why making use of a mortgage broker can be indispensable. Some lenders wish to see net profit, others like to see wages plus dividends or salary plus net profit. Some mortgage providers could be happy with a year’s proof of earnings, however the more conventional quantity is two or three years accounts.

Various other things to think about

The array of requirements can not only be confusing but the information may mean that in some cases we could recognize that a certain loan provider could be more fitting to your scenario: for example if you employ just one member of staff then your requirements could be different to someone who utilizes a larger workforce, and this might be reflected in the way that the lenders measure your accounts. Commonly loan providers will look at more aspects than just earnings, so they could think about existing financial commitments to decide if you can afford the payments on your mortgage. Some loan providers can have more flexibility than others, which is why using us can provide a genuine benefit in your mortgage application.

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