Securing Commercial Mortgage Finance

Finding a Commercial Mortgage tailored to your needs

Commercial mortgage finance is normally used to either buy business premises, or to buy an existing business and its premises. They are often offered based on the business’ viability, either based on a business plan or if it is a going concern.

We understands what business customers’ needs are, and that off the shelf packages are not always suitable or provide the best finance facilities for their business. This is why we spend a great deal of time making sure we fully understand your business so we can be sure that the commercial finance deal we offer provides the best finance facility for your business, and also the best value for your actual circumstances – customers looking for commercial mortgage finance can rest assured that we are highly experienced in all aspects of securing commercial mortgages and leave no stone unturned to ensure we only put forward the very best deals for you.

Commercial mortgage finance for new businesses

Starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or moving to new premises can be an exciting, yet daunting, time for any business owner. Arranging a domestic mortgage can be stressful enough, so where do you start with a commercial one? We pride ourselves on giving impartial advice, maximising our reputation with mortgage lenders in order to secure the best commercial mortgage deal for you. We offer an initial, no obligation, consultation free of charge and our highly experienced commercial mortgage advisors would be delighted to take your call today.

Securing a commercial mortgage

It is often easier than you would imagine, assuming that you meet the criteria of specific lenders, which is something that we can help you with. It is still worth talking to us, even if your business did not make a substantial profit in the previous year, or if it is a new business with no evidence of actual profit, because we can match you to lenders who may be able to help you.

Lenders often consider your business plan, or profit, before offering you an interest rate. This could actually work to your advantage because if your numbers are good you may pay a lower rate of interest.  The mortgage is usually based on the ability of your business to meet the repayments. Sometimes lenders will want to see a professional valuation of your business.  Commercial mortgages are available for limited companies, sole traders and individuals.

Considering buying the commercial premises you currently have on lease

Like with domestic properties there are multiple benefits to buying, rather than renting, business premises. The money that you pay each month is an investment, it goes toward building up equity which can be re-mortgaged if needed. If you continue to rent then you have no way of re-using the money that you pay to your landlord each month.

Deposits required for commercial mortgages

There is a relatively low deposit (usually around 25 per cent of the property value), you also get the benefit of flexible repayment terms, depending on status, but these can extend to up to 25 years. This means that your commercial mortgage can reflect your long-term business needs and means that the monthly repayments are likely to be affordable.

Commercial mortgage finance for multiple properties

In addition some commercial mortgages are suitable for securing multiple properties, under one mortgage agreement. This means that if you are expanding your business portfolio, or are looking to add additional properties if you have different businesses, then you only need to arrange one mortgage. This can be a huge saving, both in time and money.

Moreover the ability to have multiple mortgages arranged under one mortgage agreement can be especially suitable for ‘portfolio’ landlords. It can often be difficult to arrange multiple mortgages and, once arranged, mortgages with multiple lenders can be difficult to manage.

We can arrange your commercial mortgage finance

As an established commercial mortgage broker we have a professional knowledge of the market and an excellent reputation amongst lenders, which allows us to deal efficiently with your mortgage on your behalf. We also take the hassle out of arranging the mortgage: we fill in the paperwork, we liaise with lenders and we can also assist you with your initial application. The entire process usually take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Arranging your commercial mortgage with us could not be more straightforward, just give us a call.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Commercial Mortgage

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