Securing a Commercial Mortgage

Finding the best value Commercial Mortgage

Whether you are beginning an amazing brand-new company endeavor, expanding an existing business, wanting to buy an industrial properties or release equity from an existing commercial mortgage – we can help you to find the optimal solution.

Commercial mortgages are more complicated than residential mortgages, so having a seasoned commercial mortgage broker in your corner could potentially save you considerable sums in interest and charges.

Why make an application for a commercial mortgage?

The benefits of having your own office premises are numerous; regular monthly payments will  be the same or even lower than rental premises. In addition interest payments on your mortgage are tax deductible and you may have the ability to sublet any extra area, developing income, and even broaden without the trouble of relocating. You can rest assured that we can browse the complex mortgage options available to get you the best mortgage, effectively and at the right price!

We can match the mortgage to your requirements and situations and we can organise the best option for you, removing the inconvenience and leaving you free to focus on your local small business. Commercial mortgages are often more intricate than domestic home mortgages, with even more detail and lengthy paperwork to undergo, but we can offer you a bespoke package. The other major benefit to obtaining a commercial mortgage is the range of choices that the market provides you, which our knowledgeable, educated staff have the ability to find for you.

The kind of commercial mortgage for your office

Often commercial mortgages are based on the sort of business that you have, however most lenders will look at the loan to value ratio and we can tailor your mortgage around the amount of capital you need to invest, meaning that you get the best offer for you. Mortgages can range from 1 year to 40 years and can require a deposit of anything in between 25%- 40% of the overall mortgage value, although there are choices to considerably reduce this if you own another property with substantial equity to offer as security.

Typically mortgage providers will let you pay the interest on the mortgage either month-to-month or quarterly, which means that you can tailor the payments to fit your monetary scenarios. In addition, there is often the option to take capital payment holidays and you can commonly delay a couple of payments in any given year, enabling you to match your payments to your circumstances. There are 2 primary kinds of commercial mortgages, a ‘local small business mortgage,’ sometimes referred to as an ‘owner-occupier mortgage,’ – if you are looking to get your premises for the first time, maybe for a brand-new venture.

The other type is a ‘commercial financial investment mortgage,’ which is developed to allow the purchase of local small business premises for you to lease out. In addition commercial mortgage finance can be taken out either on a set rate, enabling you to budget easily or a variable rate meaning that the cost you pay will be reflective of the market.

Using a commercial mortgage broker

Whatever the reason for you selecting a commercial mortgage, rest assured that we will be the right choice for your local small business. We are independent industrial mortgage brokers, meaning that we can access all the loan providers and for that reason offer you the best mortgage available. We offer a fast feedback to queries, meaning that we can rapidly point you in the right direction, integrated with the proficiency that we have, shows that we are the right choice for your requirements.

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