Securing a Buy to Let Mortgage

If you are planning to buy your first buy to let property or broaden an existing portfolio we are here to help. By using our expert consultants, market leading providers and market expertise we can help you to secure the right buy to let mortgage to achieve the very best returns on your financial investment enabling you to be in the very best position to further expand your portfolio in the future.

We are specialist buy to let mortgage brokers providing expert insight and information to Buy to Let investors about the best BTL mortgage offers available. The world of buy to let and property financial investment has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, and with it has the broad range of buy to let mortgages.

We will help and advise you on the current available offers. We will browse the whole of the marketplace as well as our personal loan providers. We will help you to choose which BTL mortgage best matches your needs based upon your specific situation and your long term goal. We specialise in the provision of advice and buy to let mortgage finance for residential and commercial property investment.

Buy to let specialist mortgage brokers

As an expert buy to let mortgage broker, we are always delighted to discuss your mortgage requirements whether you are purchasing your first buy to let property, or you have a professional property portfolio of 100 homes, we have the skills to help. Purchasing a rental property and funding the purchase requires expert advice. Although the availability of financial investment property finance has grown, sensible financiers use a specialist mortgage broker to advise on, source and arrange their buy to let mortgages.

High LTV buy to let mortgages

We are now able to provide a fantastic range of high loan-to-value buy to let mortgage offers. Offering alternatives for mortgages up to 80% LTV, which means we have the ability to supply mortgages to property managers with low deposits.

Free initial buy to let assessment

Some people see their property portfolios as a future pension, some are looking just to supplement their existing earnings and others are buying shrewdly to generate cash on the future increases in property value. We also have the increase in “The Accidental” property owner, these are individuals who find themselves unable to sell a property and see no alternative other than to lease the property out.

We offer market leading Buy to Let mortgages and Buy to Let remortgage rates and terms, and we have exclusive home loans only available from us. If you’re new to the Buy to Let market why not take the opportunity of a free preliminary buy to let appointment where we can talk  through the procedure and help you to avoid common mistakes.

Commercial buy to let mortgages

As well as our Buy to Let mortgages we also specialise in industrial mortgages and commercial remortgages for businesses purchasing their premises and for industrial investors. We also provide home development finance for both industrial and domestic property. If you have more than 4 Buy to Let properties you could also ask about our buy to let profile home loans.

Along with supplying Buy to Let mortgages, we also provide development finance for residential and industrial designers. We deal with customers from multi million pound commercial developments to smaller sized residential developments costing 10s of hundreds of pounds.

Buy to Let – A long term financial investment

Buy to let should be seen as a long term financial investment and it is essential to be completely informed so that there are no unforeseen surprises along the way. Contact us and we can help you with the procedure and offer guidance to prevent common mistakes, maximizing your returns and reducing your risk.

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