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If you are looking to purchase your first buy to let property or to expand an existing portfolio we are here to help. By utilising our expert guidance, market leading providers and industry knowledge we can assist you to get the right buy to let mortgages to achieve the best returns on your initial investment thus allowing you to be in the best position to build your portfolio in the future.

We are specialist BTL Mortgage Broker providing expert advice and information to Buy to Let investors about the best BTL mortgage deals currently available. The world of buy to let and property investment has grown tremendously over the last few years, and with it has the broad range of buy-to-let mortgages.

We will help you and advise you on the current available products. We will search the whole of the market and also search the private lenders. We will help you to decide which BTL mortgage product best suits your needs based on your individual circumstances and your long term objective. We specialise in the provision of advice and buy to let mortgage finance for residential and commercial property investment.

Buy to let specialist mortgage brokers

As a specialist buy to let mortgage broker, we are always happy to discuss your mortgage requirements whether you are purchasing your first buy to let property, or you have a professional property portfolio of 100 properties we are able to help. Buying a rental property and financing the purchase requires expert advice. Although the availability of investment property finance has increased, wise investors use a specialist mortgage broker to advise on, source and arrange their buy to let mortgages.

High LTV buy to let mortgages

We are now able to offer a great range of high loan-to-value buy to let mortgage deals. Providing options for mortgages up to 80% LTV, which means we are able to provide mortgages to landlords with low deposits.

Free initial buy to let consultation

Some see property as a future pension, some are looking simply to supplement their current income and others are buying shrewdly to make money on the future rises in property value. We also have the rise in “The Accidental” landlord, these are people finding themselves unable to sell a property and left with no option but to rent the property out.

We offer market leading Buy to Let mortgage and Buy to Let remortgage rates and terms, and we have exclusive mortgages only available from us. If you’re new to the Buy to Let market why not request a free initial buy to let consultation where we can talk you through the process and help you to avoid common pitfalls.

Commercial buy to let mortgages

As well as our Buy to Let mortgages we also specialise in commercial mortgages and commercial remortgages for companies buying their premises and for commercial investors.  We also offer property development finance for both commercial and residential property. If you have more than 4 Buy to Let properties, you could also ask about our buy to let portfolio mortgages.

As well as providing Buy to Let mortgages, we also provide development finance for residential and commercial developers.  We deal with clients from multi million pound commercial developments to smaller residential developments costing tens of thousands of pounds.

Buy to Let – A long term investment

Buy to let should be seen as a long term investment and it is important to be fully informed so that there are no unexpected surprises along the way. Get in touch with us and we can guide you through the process and help you to avoid the pitfalls, maximise your returns and minimise your risk.

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